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Making the most of your day on the water is always our number one priority.


Cinda is a real pro and a great teacher

Cinda was recommended by a friend, and now I recommend her to anyone who asks. I started the day a true novice, but Cinda had me casting comfortably within no time. Once I had the technique down, she showed me how to find fish and target them. I can’t explain how exciting it is to cast at a small pool, hit it with your fly, and land a fish. I had a great day on the stream and have officially been bitten by the flyfishing bug. Cinda is a real pro and a great teacher, and she even brought some homemade pickles for lunch!

Jeff K.

Thanks for introducing me to fly fishing in a special way

Recently, I was speaking with some relatives of friends who happen to be from Scottsdale about what a great day I had fishing with you and and my son, Morgan. As I talked about the day I realized I was hooked on fly fishing.First and foremost, thanks for introducing me to fly fishing in a special way and helping create a memory Morgan and I will not soon forget.

Ira K.

Among the best fishing I have ever experienced

Cinda, Thanks so much for the wonderful day of fishing! I would have to rate it as among the best fishing I have ever experienced, and I have fished all around the world. I typically consider it a stellar day of fishing if I can land one 17" trout. With you, I caught six; the smallest of which was 17"! While I am really stoked by the fish, I must say I also truly appreciated your help, not only with finding the good spot and selecting the right flies, but mostly with helping me improve my fishing technique. The fishing was somewhat 'technical', but the pointers that you provided improved my technique and made it seem much easier. The proof is in the pudding: when I followed your advice, I caught big trout. So, thanks again. Also, please keep me on your Newsletter mailing list. The trips you are planning sound quite appealing and no doubt I will be joining you on some of them in the future.

Steve G.

It made a huge difference.

I wanted to say thank you for working with me on my casting yesterday. I went fishing today and within a few casts I caught a brown and a while later I caught a brook trout. I did everything we worked on yesterday and it made a huge difference.

Chandra W.

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