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October Guide Trip

I have some catching up to do. It has been a very busy fall and summer and I found myself with very little time to blog. Since things are starting to slow down, I will have more computer time. About a month ago, I guided a young man named Jake. He lives in the Boston area and came out to spend some time with his grandfather. We spent three days …Read More

Set the Hook!

On Wednesday, I was guiding J.J. from Tucson. He called a few of weeks ago and said that he has been fly fishing for a couple of years and wanted to work on improving his skills as his goal is to fish a lot more in 2016. We hit a private pond first so that we could work out any casting issues he might have developed. He landed a few …Read More

Big Browns

It has been a really good week for big browns in small streams and I can’t believe how long it took things to really turn on. Just six weeks ago, I was fishing water that was still 32-40 degrees but now that it has warmed up, the big fish are coming out to play. All of these fish ate streamers and it is always a thrill when you get the …Read More

Exploring New Water

When was the last time you looked at a map, found some water you wanted to explore and then hit the road? For me this was twice in the past week. These were streams on the White Mountain Apache Reservation and places I have never heard anyone talk about. I was in search of wild Apache trout but ended up finding a lot of browns. These fish were beautiful and …Read More

Fishing in July

July is upon us and as usual and fishing is still good but you have to know where to go. Some of the lakes are experiencing some pretty warm temperatures. A couple of weeks ago Christmas Tree was measuring 69 degrees and that is getting a little warm for Apache trout. I have stopped running trips there because catching trout in that warm of water puts too much stress on …Read More

Big Fish, Small Water

Fly fishing in the White Mountains is very good right now, especially with the overcast afternoons. When most people think of fly fishing they think of moving water. Fishing small streams in Arizona typically means catching small fish. There are plenty of places where fish are stocked but I am after wild trout. This year has been a little different. I have been seeing bigger wild browns than normal. What …Read More

Small Stream Tactics

The key to being a good fly fishing angler is the ability to change things up. When the fishing gets tough, that is what separates the great anglers from the rest of the herd. Presentation Have you ever been fishing with someone who is just killing it and you are fishing the same exact set up as them but not getting the same results? Chances are, there is something wrong …Read More