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October Guide Trip

I have some catching up to do. It has been a very busy fall and summer and I found myself with very little time to blog. Since things are starting to slow down, I will have more computer time. About a month ago, I guided a young man named Jake. He lives in the Boston area and came out to spend some time with his grandfather. We spent three days …Read More

Fishing Reports

Reports are something people often depend on before going to a fishing location. Some of us get these reports from our local Game and Fish offices, fishing websites and other anglers. This may sound odd but I don’t put a lot of stake in them unless they come from someone who I know is a good angler that spends a lot of time on the water. By a lot of …Read More

Fly Fishing Silver Creek

When people think of Silver Creek, they usually think of Idaho but we have our own spring creek with the same name here in Arizona. It is a trophy rainbow trout fishery that is open to catch and release fly fishing from October 1st through March 31st. Fly Fishing in Arizona is year round and this is one great winter fishery. In this video Steve Berry, guide with Fly Fish …Read More

Fly Fishing Arizona and Beyond

Life changes and time goes on. Just a month ago I was going to the Orvis store everyday and had been in that same routine for eight years. It was a great experience and one that will always bring me fond memories. About a year ago I started thinking about branching out on my own and guiding, instructing, and hosting trips. I ran it by my buddy Jeff Currier¬†and he …Read More