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Set the Hook!

On Wednesday, I was guiding J.J. from Tucson. He called a few of weeks ago and said that he has been fly fishing for a couple of years and wanted to work on improving his skills as his goal is to fish a lot more in 2016. We hit a private pond first so that we could work out any casting issues he might have developed. He landed a few …Read More

Big Browns

It has been a really good week for big browns in small streams and I can’t believe how long it took things to really turn on. Just six weeks ago, I was fishing water that was still 32-40 degrees but now that it has warmed up, the big fish are coming out to play. All of these fish ate streamers and it is always a thrill when you get the …Read More

Streamer Techniques

It seems that I am never done talking about streamer fishing. It is something that few anglers seem to understand when it comes to small streams. My approach might be a little different than others but it works if you want to catch big fish. My favorite streamers are always black, have rubber legs, and are heavily weighted. If it isn’t difficult to cast with a 5 weight, it isn’t …Read More

Sunday Recap

It’s been a busy week at Fly Fish Arizona and Beyond and we have done everything from carp in Phoenix to lakes in the White Mountains. Here are some photos from our most recent trips. On Sunday I guided Craig, Rod and John. Craig and John were visiting from California. We chased warm water species and caught koi, common carp, channel catfish and bass. Tuesday, we were at it again, …Read More