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Simms Vapor Boot Review

Simms Vapor Boots
Simms Vapor Boot

Simms Vapor Boot

I don’t typically do gear reviews but when I came across something that is way better than average it spurred me to talk about it. This product is the Simms Vapor Boots. My last two pairs of boots have had Vibram soles and I wanted to continue using some kind of sticky rubber rather than felt. I travel quite a bit and never want to have to worry that I am in a state that no longer allows felt.

My previous Vibram boots were not very stable on slick rocks. They worked great with studs but without them were pretty dangerous. When I bought the Simms boots, I purchased studs to go with them because I figured these would also be slick.

I received them just before heading to Idaho to spend a week with good friend, artist and all out amazing fly fisherman, Jeff Currier. Somehow the studs for the boots didn’t end up in my suitcase so I arrived in Idaho without them. I am pretty good at falling in rivers and my plan was to be very careful so I didn’t bust my ass.

On the first day wearing my new Simms Vapor boots I was amazed at how well they performed. No slipping, no sliding, and I was surprised at how well a rubber boot can grip moss covered rocks.

The pros: stable boot with good ankle support and better than average rubber soles. They are lightweight which can be difficult to find in the world of rubber soled boots. They are a nice looking boot with cool orange trim which probably doesn’t matter much but aren’t we sick of wearing gray and tan boots that look dreadful?

The cons: No women’s sizing though I am told they will be available in Spring of 2015. Simms says their boots run true to size but I have to disagree. I ordered a men’s 7 (I wear a women’s 8.5 so a men’s 7 should equal a women’s 9). My toes rub the end of the boot and sometimes they are difficult to get on. I should have ordered an 8. I have a friend who also ordered this same boot and he wishes he would have gotten one size up as his boots are a little tight. They have a ring where your gravel guard hooks onto and my gravel guards always come unhooked. This isn’t that big of a deal but can be annoying.

As a guide, I need a comfortable and stable boot and this one fits the bill. Simms did a great job with their Vapor Boots and I highly recommend them.

About Cinda Howard

Cinda Howard has been an Arizona fly fishing guide for several years. She’s spent her whole life fishing and picked up a fly rod in 1996. She worked for the Orvis Company as a Fly Fishing Manager for eight years before branching off and starting her own business in 2012. Cinda spends a considerable amount of time instructing people on the sport of fly fishing. Cinda has been featured in several fly fishing articles and books (“Fly Fisher’s Guide to Arizona” by Will Jordan, “Arizona’s Official Fishing Guide” by Arizona Highways and Arizona Game and Fish Department) as an expert on fly fishing Arizona. She is extremely passionate not only about fly fishing but also about teaching others. She hosts trips all across the world and has taken customers fly fishing in Alaska, Belize, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and The Bahamas. Cinda loves to fish for trout, steelhead, pike, carp, bonefish, tarpon and anything else that will eat a fly. She is a past President of Desert Fly Casters and is a Zane Grey Trout Unlimited board member.

One Response to "Simms Vapor Boot Review"

  • Bruce Kolinski
    November 18, 2016 - 7:56 pm Reply

    Nice review Ms, Howard. Thank you.
    I haven’t fly fished since leaving Wisconsin in 1985. My wife and I are relocating to the Cottonwood area from central Phoenix in the next couple of months and I’m thinking of starting to fish again, so doing a bit of research. Nice website too. Thanks again.
    Bruce K.

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