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October Guide Trip

I have some catching up to do. It has been a very busy fall and summer and I found myself with very little time to blog. Since things are starting to slow down, I will have more computer time.

About a month ago, I guided a young man named Jake. He lives in the Boston area and came out to spend some time with his grandfather. We spent three days on the water. Jake told me that trout were his nemesis. He had been fly fishing for two years and has spent countless hours on streams trying to catch one with no success. He has caught bass and blue gill, but the trout always seemed to evade him. My job for those three days was to teach him about trout and their behavior so that he could get them on his home waters.

Beautiful Wild Rainbow

Beautiful Wild Rainbow

We spent the first day chasing wild rainbows on a very remote stream. We were able to work on where trout live, hide, and how to get good presentation. These were the things that were missing when he was fishing on his own. We covered a couple of miles of wild trout water and had a great day.

Day two was spent on Silver Creek. Since it had just opened, the fishing was pretty easy. There is nothing wrong with having an easy day of fish catching. We caught on the usual SC flies- white

Silver Creek AZ bunny leeches, black bunny leeches, egg patterns, San Juan worm patterns, etc.  This stream gets pretty pounded but you can expect any piece of water with trophy fish to get a certain amount of pressure. Jake did a great job and we were able to put a lot of fish in the net.

Day three was my favorite. We hit the reservation for some wild Apache Trout. This was a very technical stream where the fish sit at undercut banks and you have to get perfect fly placement and good presentation. It turned out to be one of the better days I have seen on this water. Jake landed some better than average fish and it was a great way to end the week.

Wild Apache Trout

Wild Apache Trout

It is always fun guiding young anglers who are passionate about fly fishing and conservation. There is nothing better than helping them improve their skills and watching them learn and grow right before your eyes. I have no doubt that Jake will continue his fly fishing journey and have many years of enjoyment on the water.

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About Cinda Howard

Cinda Howard has been an Arizona fly fishing guide for several years. She’s spent her whole life fishing and picked up a fly rod in 1996. She worked for the Orvis Company as a Fly Fishing Manager for eight years before branching off and starting her own business in 2012. Cinda spends a considerable amount of time instructing people on the sport of fly fishing. Cinda has been featured in several fly fishing articles and books (“Fly Fisher’s Guide to Arizona” by Will Jordan, “Arizona’s Official Fishing Guide” by Arizona Highways and Arizona Game and Fish Department) as an expert on fly fishing Arizona. She is extremely passionate not only about fly fishing but also about teaching others. She hosts trips all across the world and has taken customers fly fishing in Alaska, Belize, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and The Bahamas. Cinda loves to fish for trout, steelhead, pike, carp, bonefish, tarpon and anything else that will eat a fly. She is a past President of Desert Fly Casters and is a Zane Grey Trout Unlimited board member.

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