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Big Fish, Small Water

Fly fishing in the White Mountains is very good right now, especially with the overcast afternoons. When most people think of fly fishing they think of moving water. Fishing small streams in Arizona typically means catching small fish. There are plenty of places where fish are stocked but I am after wild trout. This year has been a little different. I have been seeing bigger wild browns than normal. What …Read More

Fly Fishing Schools for September

We are still teaching fly fishing schools at Sunrise and added two more dates for September, the 13th and 27th. In the classes we teach basic knot tying, rigging, casting and end the day fishing Lake Ono. This is a lake that only our students are allowed to fish and it is stream fed. All of our instructors are trained to instruct and can help you get the best out …Read More

2014 White Mountain Fly Fishing Schools

The Fly Fishing Schools at Sunrise Ski Resort have  been a success. Remaining dates are July 26th, August 9th and August 23rd. This video shows some of the great fishing we have had during the schools. Not only will you learn to hook and land fish, but also essential knots, flies, gear, etc. We can provide everything you need. Cost is $150 person. Call us at 480.217.5089 or email cinda@flyfisharizona.com

Makos on the Fly

A couple of weeks ago Steve got a call from Dave Trimble of On the Fly Fishing Charters in San Diego suggesting we come out and fish the second week of June. On Saturday after we won the White Mountain Fly Fishing club’s tournament at Silver Creek, I drove down to Mesa and we hit the road for San Diego on Sunday. Tuesday morning we met Dave at the dock, …Read More

Fly Fishing Schools at Sunrise

So many good things are happening and the latest is fly fishing schools at Sunrise park on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. This is a full day school with the morning consisting of knot tying, gear discussions, and demystifying the sport of fly fishing. The afternoon will be spent fishing the legendary Lake Ono. I have  been fly fishing in this state for 17 years and have always heard tales …Read More

2014 Fly Fishing Schools

I get a lot of requests for fly fishing schools and am happy to announce that we’ve added some for the summer. They will take place on private water in Greer where you will fish for trophy rainbows. You will also learn essential knots for fly fishing, casting, what gear is needed, and hooking and landing fish.  Choose one of the following dates: June 21st, July 26th, OR August 16th. …Read More

Where is that?

I know I am old school and that is probably the reason I don’t completely grasp social media. I try to keep my Facebook page updated but fall behind with Twitter and Instagram. For someone like me, the only reason I do it at all is because I have a business to promote. One of the things that really bothers me is almost every time I post a picture of …Read More

Small Stream Tips

A good percentage of my clients seem to want to fish small streams and in Arizona, it is technical fishing. Our streams are very small, clear and the fish are spooky. It takes a certain amount of skill and most of the time you don’t catch fish by accident unless you are after fish that have recently been stocked. When I fish our moving water I am usually after wild …Read More