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Missouri River Trip, Montana

I have put together another trip to the famous Missouri River in Montana. We will arrive in Helena on May 26th, fish with some of the best guides on the Missouri on the 27th, 28th and 29th and depart on the 30th. Fishing in May should put us ahead of a lot of the runoff. I did this trip a couple of years ago and it was fantastic. I can’t …Read More

Annual Christmas Special

It is once again time for our Holiday Sale-Get $50 off any full day guided trip. The regular price $375 and now on sale for $325. This is for one or two people. Whether you are brand new to fly fishing or are an experienced angler, we can help you have a great day on the water. It can be purchased as a gift or treat yourself to a day …Read More

Beginner Fly Fishing School June 9th and 10th

We will be teaching a beginner fly fishing school at the X Diamond Ranch June 9th and 10th. This will be a two-day school. The first day we will teach rigging, essential knots, casting and hooking and landing fish. We will end the day fishing the two ponds on the property. We will spend day two teaching you to fish the stream that runs through the ranch. The price is $350 per …Read More

Fishing Reports

Reports are something people often depend on before going to a fishing location. Some of us get these reports from our local Game and Fish offices, fishing websites and other anglers. This may sound odd but I don’t put a lot of stake in them unless they come from someone who I know is a good angler that spends a lot of time on the water. By a lot of …Read More

Exploring New Water

When was the last time you looked at a map, found some water you wanted to explore and then hit the road? For me this was twice in the past week. These were streams on the White Mountain Apache Reservation and places I have never heard anyone talk about. I was in search of wild Apache trout but ended up finding a lot of browns. These fish were beautiful and …Read More

Upcoming Fly Fishing Schools

Wanting to learn to fly fish or brush up on your skills? Book one of the dates above. If you need lodging. the Hon-dah Hotel is offering special pricing for anyone in the school. Special rates are $89 per room Mon-Thurs nights and $109 Fri-Sat nights. The school will start at the Hon-dah Outdoor store where we will talk about gear, tie knots, rig, etc. We will then move to …Read More

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.- Lao Tzu I have a pair of wading boots that I purchased about 10 years ago. They have been thousands of miles in places like Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Vermont to name a few. They have seen some pretty amazing things. These aren’t just an ordinary pair of boots. They have witnessed a great change in my life. They …Read More

Fishing in July

July is upon us and as usual and fishing is still good but you have to know where to go. Some of the lakes are experiencing some pretty warm temperatures. A couple of weeks ago Christmas Tree was measuring 69 degrees and that is getting a little warm for Apache trout. I have stopped running trips there because catching trout in that warm of water puts too much stress on …Read More

Fishing 3/30/15

Pics from today’s clients, Mike and Tom from Chicago. We hit a small stream in the White Mountains and the fishing was spectacular.   We landed at least two dozen fish. If you haven’t booked your trip yet, it is time.

Phoenix Project Healing Waters Event

A few months ago I volunteered to help with a Project Healing Waters event for the Phoenix Chapter. If you aren’t familiar with this group, they are a non-profit organization that provide basic fly casting, fly fishing, fly tying, and rod building classes to injured military members and disabled veterans. Participants range from beginners to those with prior fly fishing and tying experience who are adapting their skills to their …Read More