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Tips & Techniques

Casting Tips for Catching Carp

Thinking about carp fishing and not sure what it takes? Here are some casting tips that will prepare you for some of the trickiest fish on the planet. Accuracy- since I do a fair amount of carp guiding, I get to hear what my clients think is really important. Even the most experienced anglers can’t believe how accurate you need to be with a fly. If the fish is tailing, the …Read More

15 Fly Fishing Resolutions for 2015

Yep, it’s that time of year again and as much as I hate making resolutions, they get me thinking about improvements I need (and want) to make in my life. If you are looking to improve your fishing ability here are fifteen fly fishing resolutions that will help you take it to the next level. 1. Casting Accuracy– becoming an accurate caster will change your game. On the majority of …Read More

Big Fish, Small Water

Fly fishing in the White Mountains is very good right now, especially with the overcast afternoons. When most people think of fly fishing they think of moving water. Fishing small streams in Arizona typically means catching small fish. There are plenty of places where fish are stocked but I am after wild trout. This year has been a little different. I have been seeing bigger wild browns than normal. What …Read More