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Tips & Techniques

Intermediate Fly Fishing School, May 5th and 6th

Intermediate School, May 5th and 6th, at the X Diamond Ranch in Greer Requirements are that you should be able to hold 30′ of line in the air with a tight loop, know basic knots and have small stream experience with decent line control. You will learn how to fish streamers on small streams, better line control, advanced mending, nymphing strategies, advanced casting, reading water and entomology. You must own your …Read More

Sinking Lines for Stillwater Fishing

When we first get into the sport of fly fishing, we usually end up with a floating line. These work great for dry fly fishing, nymphing and midge fishing under an indicator in lakes. But, there are often times when we need to cover depth and strip streamers and nymphs. When fishing lakes having a variety of sinking lines will greatly increase your catch. You can buy sinking lines in …Read More

First Guide Trip of 2017

The first guide trip of the year went great. If you read my last post about winter fishing, you know Becker was iced over. I happened to drive passed it last week and found it to be clear. This opened up an opportunity for a guide trip. I have been avoiding Silver Creek since it had a significant fish kill and there still appears to be some sick fish hanging …Read More

Flourocarbon Versus Monofilament

I was just talking to a friend and he was asking about flourocarbon and if I think it is really worth the extra cost. We also talked about when to use flourocarbon versus mono. As with anything, there’s good and bad with both. The theory behind flouro is it disappears in the water which gives the angler an advantage. In reality, it doesn’t completely disappear but it is as close …Read More

Lake Ono Schools and Events

I am happy to announce that we will be doing fly fishing schools and guide trips at Lake Ono in the Sunrise Ski Park area. This is located in the White Mountains. We are the only guide service that is permitted to guide and hold classes at this location. There is no stocking program and it is stream fed and full of wild brown trout. There are no other lakes …Read More

Set the Hook!

On Wednesday, I was guiding J.J. from Tucson. He called a few of weeks ago and said that he has been fly fishing for a couple of years and wanted to work on improving his skills as his goal is to fish a lot more in 2016. We hit a private pond first so that we could work out any casting issues he might have developed. He landed a few …Read More

Being Productive on the Water

Every year, I hear things like “this year is the worst fishing year in the history of fishing!”. Okay, I might have exaggerated that a bit, but I do hear how terrible it supposedly is. As an example, I did a presentation at a club in the mountains a couple of weeks ago and several members came up to me and complained about the fishing. One even said “I bet …Read More

Streamer Techniques

It seems that I am never done talking about streamer fishing. It is something that few anglers seem to understand when it comes to small streams. My approach might be a little different than others but it works if you want to catch big fish. My favorite streamers are always black, have rubber legs, and are heavily weighted. If it isn’t difficult to cast with a 5 weight, it isn’t …Read More

Wading Basics

Today a friend emailed me an article and it is the best information I have come across about how to wade safely. I don’t often post links but this is well worth the read and  might save your life. Wading Basics from MidCurrent Magazine.