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Gear Reviews

Canyon Coolers

I have officially killed an RTIC cooler and with their less than desirable warranty, I will not be buying another product from them. In case you are wondering, they have a one year guarantee. ONE YEAR! I had the RTIC Softpack 30 which retails for $134.99. On mine, the zipper stopped working. It just won’t stay closed anymore, which is unfortunate because the rest of the cooler is fine. Now, …Read More

Rod Holders

I drive around the mountain with rod holders on the front of my truck. Most of the time, they are holding multiple rods. Everyday, I get asked about them. People actually follow me around to get a good look at them. Most can’t believe that they are magnetic. Since so many people are interested, I thought it would be a good thing to put on my blog. I have had …Read More

Orvis Guide Sling Pack

I recently ordered the new Orvis Guide Sling Pack. I have used the older version for a couple of years but ended up breaking a clip and the tippet holder. I am on the water over 200 days a year and am very hard on equipment. The old pack was still usable but they came out with a new version and that sounded like a good excuse to purchase a …Read More

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter Review

The other day as I was hiking into a stream with two clients, bogged down with six bottles of water, I was thinking that there has to be a better way. In the past, I have tried the Seychelles Filtration Flip Top Bottle but it is designed as a personal water bottle, plus it was very difficult to get water to come out of it. I ended up using just …Read More

Simms Vapor Boot Review

I don’t typically do gear reviews but when I came across something that is way better than average it spurred me to talk about it. This product is the Simms Vapor Boots. My last two pairs of boots have had Vibram soles and I wanted to continue using some kind of sticky rubber rather than felt. I travel quite a bit and never want to have to worry that I …Read More