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Fishing Reports

Fishing 3/30/15

Pics from today’s clients, Mike and Tom from Chicago. We hit a small stream in the White Mountains and the fishing was spectacular.   We landed at least two dozen fish. If you haven’t booked your trip yet, it is time.

Seneca Lake

I have been fishing Seneca lake for many years. It is a 27 acre lake that is located on the San Carlos Reservation off of HWY 60 just before the Salt River Canyon. In the late 90’s through mid 2000’s, Desert Fly Casters would have an annual late winter/ early spring outing to this lake. The club would have their beginner fly tying classes and then go to Seneca so …Read More

Desert Bones or Sonoran Suckers

For me, fly fishing is many things and I do not chase any one fish species. I love to go after carp, bluegill, trout, bass, crappie, bonefish, shark or anything else I can entice with a fly. Most recently, I took a trip to the Lower Salt River to fish for Sonoran Suckers. They are in full spawn and even though they are more interested in each other you can …Read More

Lee’s Ferry

It has been a busy September. I have taught three fishing schools, guided 14 days, spent 3 days at Lee’s Ferry and 6 days in Idaho. It feels good to have a day off to reflect on everything that has happened this month. Lee’s Ferry was a girls only trip and my first time traveling and fishing with Jane and Holly. I met Jane through Hidden Meadow Ranch where I’ve guided many …Read More