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Fishing Reports

Becker Lake Report

I hit Becker Lake yesterday (January 14th). The lake was clear of ice and at 9:30 am, the surface temperature was 40 degrees. Air temperature started out in the 30’s and topped off in the 50’s. Currently there is no ice and I wouldn’t expect to see any until we have a cold front that is predicted to be here Saturday. Fishing was tough for me. I fished a few …Read More

First Guide Trip of 2017

The first guide trip of the year went great. If you read my last post about winter fishing, you know Becker was iced over. I happened to drive passed it last week and found it to be clear. This opened up an opportunity for a guide trip. I have been avoiding Silver Creek since it had a significant fish kill and there still appears to be some sick fish hanging …Read More

Winter Fishing

Fishing in the winter can be a little tricky. If you are going to a lake, like Becker for example, you never know what it is going to look like when you get there. Two days ago, I was driving passed it so decided to stop and see what the conditions were. I found that it was mostly clear of ice. I could launch but would need to break through …Read More

Fishing Reports

Reports are something people often depend on before going to a fishing location. Some of us get these reports from our local Game and Fish offices, fishing websites and other anglers. This may sound odd but I don’t put a lot of stake in them unless they come from someone who I know is a good angler that spends a lot of time on the water. By a lot of …Read More

Big Browns

It has been a really good week for big browns in small streams and I can’t believe how long it took things to really turn on. Just six weeks ago, I was fishing water that was still 32-40 degrees but now that it has warmed up, the big fish are coming out to play. All of these fish ate streamers and it is always a thrill when you get the …Read More

Spring Fishing

Things are slowly opening up in the White Mountains and fishing is turning on. We had a few cold and snowy days which dropped the water temps and turned some things off but that should only be temporary as air temperatures are headed back up. On Tuesday, I hit the West Fork of the Black River close to the headwaters with Dave from Oakland, CA. We fished in sleet and …Read More

Fall and Winter Fishing

We are at that time of year when a lot of people aren’t thinking about fishing. They just assume that trout fishing in  the high country is done and aren’t sure what is going on. I get a lot of calls from winter visitors and people traveling to the state for vacations, work, etc. asking if we have places to take anglers this time of year. Well, I am here …Read More

Exploring New Water

When was the last time you looked at a map, found some water you wanted to explore and then hit the road? For me this was twice in the past week. These were streams on the White Mountain Apache Reservation and places I have never heard anyone talk about. I was in search of wild Apache trout but ended up finding a lot of browns. These fish were beautiful and …Read More

Fishing in July

July is upon us and as usual and fishing is still good but you have to know where to go. Some of the lakes are experiencing some pretty warm temperatures. A couple of weeks ago Christmas Tree was measuring 69 degrees and that is getting a little warm for Apache trout. I have stopped running trips there because catching trout in that warm of water puts too much stress on …Read More

Christmas Tree Lake

I know it has been over a month since wrote a blog post and I apologize for not keeping things current. I spent about 25 days on the water in May so time got away from me. I was also having a tough time coming up with something to write about. That changed when I went to Christmas Tree Lake with Steve and some friends of ours, Phil and Nancy.  Christmas …Read More