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Becker Lake Report

Becker Lake Rainbow

Becker Lake Rainbow

I hit Becker Lake yesterday (January 14th). The lake was clear of ice and at 9:30 am, the surface temperature was 40 degrees. Air temperature started out in the 30’s and topped off in the 50’s. Currently there is no ice and I wouldn’t expect to see any until we have a cold front that is predicted to be here Saturday.

Fishing was tough for me. I fished a few hours and picked up a few and missed a few. Lately, I have been doing really well with small bunny leeches (size 14) under a strike indicator fishing in 6 to 8 feet of water. My go to colors are black and white but I have also done well with red and tan. This method didn’t work so well yesterday. I missed one, landed one and had a fish eat my black and yellow strike indicator. There were some fish rising off and on but not enough to be able to chase them. If you have ever lake fished with me, you know I have an odd ability to catch fish on the surface when everyone else is fishing 15′ under an indicator but on this odd day, I didn’t fish any dries.

I went to my type III sinking line and picked up two more rainbows on a black bunny leech and a slow strip.

I find Becker to be different everyday. It can be great today, and terrible tomorrow even with the same conditions (weather, temps, etc). But, you can never go wrong with a day on the water.

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Cinda Howard has been an Arizona fly fishing guide for several years. She’s spent her whole life fishing and picked up a fly rod in 1996. She worked for the Orvis Company as a Fly Fishing Manager for eight years before branching off and starting her own business in 2012. Cinda spends a considerable amount of time instructing people on the sport of fly fishing. Cinda has been featured in several fly fishing articles and books (“Fly Fisher’s Guide to Arizona” by Will Jordan, “Arizona’s Official Fishing Guide” by Arizona Highways and Arizona Game and Fish Department) as an expert on fly fishing Arizona. She is extremely passionate not only about fly fishing but also about teaching others. She hosts trips all across the world and has taken customers fly fishing in Alaska, Belize, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and The Bahamas. Cinda loves to fish for trout, steelhead, pike, carp, bonefish, tarpon and anything else that will eat a fly. She is a past President of Desert Fly Casters and is a Zane Grey Trout Unlimited board member.

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